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The Sustainable Food Story presents....

'The Plants Dance' supperclub

Sunday 8th December 

Blanch and Shock, Camberwell, London 

Who we are...

The Sustainable Food Story is a roving supperclub that travels around the world connecting citizens to the origins of our food through interactive dinners.

We are a foraging/eco-chef, scientist/farmer duo who believe that we can go so much further than farm-to-fork. We grow our own produce or create close relationships with our producers; we utilize surplus and underutilized goods; forage in our edible surroundings, demystify and discuss food and farming issues through stories.



Take the evening off Netflix, nab a couple of friends and join The Sustainable Food Story and extended family for a hearty glass of wine and some epicurean dining, as we host an evening celebrating everything plants.

Think more farm-to-table than you can shake a carrot at (no carrots were harmed in the shaking of them) with much of our produce straight from Duchess Farms in Hertfordshire, and the Pale Green Dot garden based up there on site. Plus some interesting use of what we might usually consider ‘wastes’, a good helping of heritage grains and of course some cheeky fermenting.

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Fancy supper with us?

“When you pursue great flavour, you also pursue great ecology”

- Dan Barber -
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