Can Chicken Be Fried in Olive Oil? (Complete Guide)

Many people enjoy a tasty meal known as fried chicken! Naturally, oil is one of the essential parts. You might be wondering – Can you fry chicken with olive oil since it has a high smoke point and can withstand the high heat required to prepare fried chicken?

The topic comes up because of preventive measures and for health reasons. Due to its health advantages, olive oil is one of the most often used cooking oils.   

Yes, if you select olive oil with a smoke point of 465°F or lower, such as light or refined olive oil, you can fry chicken in it. The lower ignition temperature of 325–375°F is characteristic of extra virgin olive oil.   

The fact that chicken can be fried in olive oil may surprise you! Olive oil provides the chicken with a lovely taste and a crispy exterior, making it a fantastic cooking method.

We will discuss whether or not you can fry chicken in olive oil in this article and provide you with basic instructions on how long it takes. Continue reading to find out more! 


Can I Fry Chicken in Extra Virgin Olive Oil?   

Olive oil is the healthiest and finest choice for frying. You’ll get a distinct taste from it, along with health advantages.

The smoke point of extra virgin olive oil ranges from 325 to 375°F. Salad dressings or low-heat frying are preferable for this type of olive oil.  

An example of vegetable oil is olive oil, which is made from olives. Because of its peppery, fruity aroma and somewhat bitter aftertaste, it is well-liked. Additionally, it has a lot of healthy fats, which seem to be good for health.

However, high-quality olive oil should be used, as inferior oils won’t taste as delicious. To cook the chicken, you can use infused olive oil or neutral-flavored oil.

Compared to conventional olive oil, infused olive oils have a richer taste since they are created using a combination of regular and extra virgin olive oils.

Before putting the chicken in the hot oil, make sure the oil is heated to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for frying the chicken in olive oil. The chicken should be golden brown and crispy after 10 minutes of frying.

Can You Cook Chicken with Used Olive Oil?  

Yes, you may cook chicken in previously used olive oil. A common misconception is that using the same oil repeatedly results in better-tasting finished goods. There are a few considerations to make while frying chicken.

  1. Before adding the chicken, initially check that the oil is heated sufficiently; if it isn’t, the chicken will get sticky.
  2. Furthermore, avoid overcrowding the pan; doing so will cause the oil temperature to drop and result in greasy chicken.
  3. To eliminate any extra oil, drain the chicken on tissue paper.

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How Long Does It Take to Fry Chicken in Olive Oil? 

If the chicken is thin, it will take a minute or two per side. Cooking time for thicker chicken will increase to 4-5 minutes on each side. It is finished cooking when the chicken is golden brown and well cooked. 

The cooking time for bone-in dark meat will be longer than for boneless white meat. Ensure the skillet isn’t overloaded by only frying only a few chunks at a time.

Wings should be cooked in approximately 12 minutes, drumsticks in about 16 to 18 minutes, and thighs should be cooked in about 18 to 20 minutes, depending on size. 

Using an instant-read thermometer is the best method for determining when the chicken is cooked. When the chicken reaches a temperature of 165°F inside, it is finished cooking.

Frying is a common cooking technique that may be employed to prepare chicken in various ways. Chicken can be fried with or without the skin, depending on personal preference. Both strategies have benefits and drawbacks.

When frying chicken, leaving the skin on adds a layer of heat protection and aids in locking in the fluids. This could make the chicken juicier.

However, the skin might get sticky and oily if cooked incorrectly. Skinless chicken makes frying more complex since there is no protection from the heat for the flesh.  

The chicken must thus be cooked thoroughly, which is more crucial. On the other hand, if done properly, this approach can result in a crust that is crunchy and crisp.  

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What Is the Best Oil to Fry Chicken In?  

Regarding the finest olive oil to fry chicken with, there is no unambiguous response. A fruitier olive oil may be preferred by some, but a stronger oil may be preferred by others. Personal choice is what matters most in the end.

But certain oils are superior to others for frying. Generally speaking, light olive oil with a high smoke point is the ideal choice. By doing this, you can keep the chicken from getting oily and guarantee a perfectly cooked, golden-brown coating.

Is It Better to Fry Chicken in Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil? 

Olive oil may be used to cook the chicken as long as it is light or refined. Vegetable oil, which has a neutral flavor, will also be effective because it does not taste like olives. 

Can You Fry Chicken in Olive Oil Without Flour?  

Yes, chicken can be fried in olive oil without flour. When fried, chicken doesn’t need to be coated in bread or batter. It can also be seasoned and shallow-fried. The skin of the chicken will still be delicious and crunchy.

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While Frying Chicken in Olive Oil, Should the Pan Be Covered? 

Since every cook has a preferred approach, there is no correct or incorrect way to cover the pan while cooking chicken in olive oil.

The pan should be covered to assist the chicken cook more evenly and avoid spattering. Moreover, covering a non-stick pan might aid in minimizing stickiness if you’re using one.

On the other hand, some chefs favor cooking chicken in a frying pan without a lid since doing so permits the Maillard reaction to take place and gives the chicken a crispy coating. Furthermore, by leaving the pan uncovered, some of the fat can evaporate out and help the chicken become less oily.

Cooks can choose to lid or leave the pan uncovered while cooking chicken in olive oil; the choice is entirely up to them.

Can You Fry Chicken in Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil?  

Chicken can be fried in both olive oil and vegetable oil. Higher temperatures are not beneficial for olive oil.

Use your vegetable oil or anything that will perform better at higher temperatures, such as grape seed or peanut. Olive oil should only be used for cooking at moderate temperatures.

In addition to being more expensive than vegetable oil, olive oil doesn’t last as long before it degrades and is no longer suited for frying. It also breaks down quicker than vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil, made from soybeans, may be cooled and reheated several times before absorbing tastes and changing according to the water added. Due to its quicker breakdown, olive oil costs more to buy and is used less frequently. 

Healthy fat is found in olive oil. You should shallow fry the chicken while it is cooking in olive oil. Always cook the chicken on low flame. 

Occasionally, frying in olive oil can also be dangerous. For instance, when heated past the point of smoking, olive oil can release poisonous smoke that harms the individual’s health. Other than this, there are not many drawbacks to using olive oil for cuisine.

Personal preference is what matters most in the end.

Is Chicken Cooked in Olive Oil Nutritious? 

The healthfulness of fried chicken is a topic of much discussion. Since it contains so much fat, some argue that it is unhealthy, while others contend that it is a nutritious meal if it is prepared in olive oil. 

The fact is that relying on how it is made. Fried chicken may be both nutritious and harmful. It is not very healthy to fry chicken in unwholesome fats like vegetable or palm oil. However, it may be a nutritious diet if you fry it in olive oil. 

Monounsaturated fats included in olive oil, a heart-healthy cooking oil, may decrease cholesterol and minimize your chance of developing heart disease.

Additionally, it possesses anti-inflammatory qualities that may help lower the chance of developing chronic illnesses like cancer and chronic pain.

Therefore, consider frying the chicken in olive oil rather than other hazardous oils if you’re seeking a better method to enjoy fried chicken. Eating this luscious delicacy will benefit your body.


An example of vegetable oil is olive oil, which is made from olives. It tastes fantastic and is healthy to fry chicken in olive oil.

In order to prevent your chicken from becoming greasy, be careful to use olive oil with a high smoke point and not overfill the pan.

You’ll be well on your way to creating the ideal fried chicken dish that anyone will like if you follow these suggestions.  

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